Mets de Nueva York tendrían la mejor dupla de abridores de MLB

For baseball experts, a great deal of success in the sport depends on the tools available to the field staff; At least, that’s what the history of the sport has shown, repeatedly rewarding those teams with bowlers who are able to deliver their high-quality team performance from the heap of terror. However, on the question Who has the best starting duo in MLB The answer is not so simple, but perhaps in New York Mets The answer is found.

Mets 2 of the series has:

According to ZiPS stats and projections from the portal Fangraves, for this year mets They have the best shooting in 1st and 2nd swivel positions. First of all, hmm 5 Awards Si Young that accumulate Jacob Degrom s Max Scherzer, which is an amount no other duo currently has in the Majors.

On the other hand, the US website predicts a joint war of 8.4 (4.5 to degrum s 3.9 to Scherzer), which is slightly overridden by 8.5 which add openers from Los Angeles DodgersAnd Walker Buhler (4.6) s Julius Urea (3.9) and through the binary, which we’ll talk about later.

However, the statistics are largely in favor of the DC guys, who, unlike the California troop shooters, have tasted the honey of success with multiple singles awards, as well as surpassing them in years of experience.

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The most interesting couples:

The other couple that outperforms the Mets in terms of war are Phyllis de Philadelphia: Zach Wheeler with 4.7 s Aaron Nola with 4.1, which leaves a full set of 8.8. That’s yes, 2 suffer from the same evil as boys Dodgers, that is, the lack of statistical support and differences.

Apart from them, they are also among the best “dumbbells” in the major tournaments, as follows: Gerrit Cole (5.3) s Jordan Montgomery (2.5) subordinate New York Yankees (Day war 7.8), Kevin Gussman (3.7) s Joseph Prius (3.5) subordinate Toronto Blue Jays (Day war 7.2) s Lucas Giolito (4.1) s stop dylan (3.0) subordinate Chicago White Sox (7.1).

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