Saba Karim Predicts Rishabh Pant Will Be India’s Biggest Match Winner In Next Few Years

Saba Karim feels Rishabh Pant can emerge as India’s top wicketkeeper in auditions if he is handled well. Southpaw blasted a stubborn century against South Africa on the third day of the current era Cape Town test. Rishabh Pant’s unbeaten hit 100 times helped India set a target of 212 in the deciding series.

Saba Karim said that if handled well, Rishabh Pant has the potential to become one of India’s biggest winners in the coming years. Former Indian head coach Saba Karim feels that Rishabh Pant can become India’s greatest wicketkeeper in Test cricket given only if he is handled well.

Rishabh pant. file | Image source: AFP

Saba Karim thinks Rishabh will be India’s biggest winner in the coming years

Rishabh has been criticized by fans and experts alike after his bland choice of shot, which led to his dismissal, in the previous audition. But Saba Karim feels such mistakes are bound to happen and urged everyone to support Rishabh Pant, who feels he can be the winner of the match.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, cricketer-turned-star Saba Karim said: “If handled well, he will emerge as the greatest Indian wicketkeeper in the Tests.

“We may lose a player like him if we don’t stop criticizing. He will be the biggest winner in India in the coming years. He will make mistakes like he did in the last test. But if we discard him and want to drop him, it will not benefit the team.”

File photo of the former shareholder Saba Karim. - Hindus
File photo of the former shareholder Saba Karim. – Hindus

India was grouped at 198 in the second round of the third Test. But Rishabh Pant has earned widespread recognition for his daring pinch under pressure. He proved to be the visitors’ only saving grace on a day when the rest of the Indian hitters failed to make any impact. This was the fourth audition for Rishabh Pant. He now has tons of testing in England, Australia and South Africa.

Rishabh Pant’s undefeated hit came 100 times from 139 delivers and was studded with sixes, fours and sixes. Despite his best efforts, Team India had only 198 throws in the second innings.

The batskeeper has had a slim patch in Test cricket ever since his last 100 sat in Ahmedabad against England at home. In a series of 4 matches in England, he scored only 146 points in 7 runs while in this continuing series he scored only 86 points in 5 runs with an average of 17.2 before losing a hundred in the final rounds of the continuing series.

Nikhil Chopra thinks Rishabh Pant can be more successful than Adam Gilchrist

Rishabh Pant has often drawn comparisons to legendary Australian goalkeeper Adam Gilchrist for his fearless curling technique. But former India player Nikhil Chopra feels Rishabh Pant has the potential to be more successful than Adam Gilchrist.

Adam Gilchrist (Photo by Robert Cianfloni/Getty Images)
Adam Gilchrist (Photo by Robert Cianfloni/Getty Images)

Nikhil Chopra said: “If Rishabh does justice to his talent, he can also be more successful than Adam Gilchrist. He often scores goals under pressure and often plays in a match-winning fashion.”

Nikhil Chopra pointed out that Rishabh Pant often saved India out of trouble with his inspirational strikes. He also praised Rishabh Pant for being arithmetic in the wrinkle against South African bowlers.

Nikhil Chopra notes that while southpaw has taken a cautious approach against tailors, it has upped the ante against spinners. Keshav Maharaj.

Rishabh Pant scored 274 points, averaging 68.50 in five rounds for India against Australia in the 2020/21 Down Under. The goalkeeper continued his form against England at home as he scored 270 points with an average of 54.00 as he was the second highest-grossing player for India in this series.

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