Tomateros de Culiacán y su rotación ante Charros de Jalisco

For the third year in a row, Tomateros de Culiacán have been in the ARCO League Final, and this time they will face the next alternate against Charros de Jalisco, to attempt a three-time championship and pass them to the Caribbean Series, next to be held in the Dominican Republic.

Sour Cherry got a pass to the final stage since last January 11th by defeating Guasave Algodoneros in Game Six that ended at Kuroda Park. They were again the first guest of the next round and had to wait a day to meet their opponent, the ninth from Guadalajara was their opponent in the final of the 2021-2022 season.

Ice rotation vs. Charros de Jalisco

Tomateros de Culiacán made spin adjustments with a PD Nick Struck boost, which became available after Sultan de Monterrey was eliminated in Game 7 against Jalisco. Once again, the icing will open on the cake team on tour, visit Pearl Tabatia To start the final.

The rotation will lead left bowler Anthony Vazquez to face Orlando Lara in the first game of the series on January 14th at Pan American Stadium. He will follow newcomer Nick Strack to open the duel against Javier Solano.

For the third and fourth games in which they return to Culiacan, Mane Bareda and Jose Luis Bravo will be responsible for jumping to the hill of responsibilities to face Brennan Bernardino and Ryan Verdugo (subject to changes in standings by Charros).

By: Alejandra Razo

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